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  • 2019-01-12

    Cheap OM617 performance

    Ok so I am going to be building a car for the Grassroots Motorsports $2011 Challenge. Basically it is a competition in which you have to build a car fo

  • 2018-08-02

    K26 Turbo Upgrade for the OM617

    I put an OM617.951 in my 89 Jeep Wrangler and it has the Garret stock turbo in it. With 0psi boost at idle, it is a dog off the line until about 10mph

  • 2018-05-28

    Mercedes Diesel Engine Adapter Kits

    Home 0M617-616 Adapter Kits We currently offer affordable OM617 Mercedes Diesel conversion kits for several different 4x4 applications. We also have several in design stage for 2018. Conversions take approximately 50-60 hours to complete.

  • 2018-05-16

    OM617 STT turbo kit pictures... as promised...

    HughF_UK ViewProfile SendPM ViewThreads SendEmail ViewPosts GT2256V Posts: 140 Joined: Apr 2008 Location: Rural Dorset, UK... That's in the middle right at the bottom OM617 STT turbo kit pictures... as promised... I'm sorry there aren't a

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