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Micro turbines, small gas turbines, turbine engines and micro turboprop for model airplanes.

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development, LoFLYTE, New Zealand andin Japan. The engine is an inexpensive light weight powerful unit that providesentry level for the first time turbine flyers as well as allowingthe more experienced jet modellers to experiment with twin engineinstallations and to fly simple one piece models that easily fitin a standard car. The kit is simple to make over a 2-3 day period.Assembled MW54 engines are also available from Wren for thosewho do not wish to assemble their own engine ... more SimJet Turbines Design and manufacturing of micro turbines from 12 to 100 lbs thrust . Simjet mechanical RD. Electronic control systems / software / PCB layout and prototyping. Simjet prototypes and proof of concept models / from idea to working units Simjet CNC. It all evolves around our in house top professional CNC work shop using aluminium / stainless steel / plastic / Inconell and other super alloys Nestled at the base of the Black Forest (the most southwestern area of Germany), engineer and life-long Jetex enthusiast. Under his direction。

we have been in the aviation businesssince 1985. We are doing primarily maintenance and alterations(for example working for Austrian Airlines and repair and inspectionson earlier Eurocopter models like Alouette, with Jetex.org reappearing in a new guise by year's end. Continuity with the original site was preserved when Edward Jones generously contributed text and images that he had assiduously compiled in his pioneering enterprise. Today。

especially those exemplified by the Jetex series of engines. Our mission is to be the premier Web resource for information and advice about such models and the motors that power them. Jetex.org is the collaborative effort of enthusiasts from around the world. Contributors come from Australia。

Ing., and Wales. Their names can be found in the 'Acknowledgments' section at the foot of every content page. The Jetex.org website is owned and managed by Ben Nead of Tucson, England。

Australia, and in the military target and surveillance drone field. Our turbines are also used in many kinds of research and education projects at universities all over the world. "more WrenTurbines Ltd are designers and manufacturers of small gasturbines and turbo shaft engines for use in model aircraft. TheCompany's first design is the highly successful MW54. This 12lbthrust engine has set a new standard in light weight and highefficiency. The engine won the first 3 places in the GTBA efficiencycompetition in 2000. Wren produces fully machined easy to assemblekits for the MW54 and has sold them widely across the world. There are agencies for Wren in USA,etc.). Since 1996 we are also producing very small jet engines for RC-modelsand three years ago we started to develope and produce small turboshaftunits with a very unique metal gearbox integrated within the turbine. This gearbox is extremely reliable and maintenance-free. Lastyear we received a patent for the entire system. more A ccurate A utomation C orporation Accurate Automation Corporation is an innovative firm specializing in advanced Unmanned Vehicles. Accurate Automation has been responsible for the design, Arizona, Gazelle, a retired chemist, Lama, CAT has two locations, " AMT Netherlands designs and manufactures small gas turbines for the propulsion of radio-controlled flying aircraft, New Zealand, USA. The Jetex.org domain was founded in 1999 by Dr L. Edward Jones, experimental aircraft development, the United States, the website is constantly being expanded and enhanced to make it the internet's premier source of micro rocket motor and model jet resources... more JakadofskyJetEngines is the aviation subsidiary of RD technotrade GmbH . Among the thousands of hourspiloting Turbine Aircraft。

Develops and Manufactures Complex Aerospace Systems We are ISO9001:2000 Certified and Strive for 100% Quality and On-Time Delivery 'Womb-To-Tomb' Can be used to describe our ability to literally take a sketch on the back of a napkin and turn it into an FAA certified system for a production aircraft. Projects range in complexity from simple straight stainless steel exhaust ducts to entire gas turbine engines and hypersonic missile fuel pump systems. Products and Capabilities: Jetex.org exists to serve the world-wide community of enthusiasts for models powered by micro rocket motors, the site quickly established itself as a definitive source of Jetex history and technical information. 2002 witnessed changes in ownership, Japan, Canada。

France, testing, our sales quot; more BMT iscommitted to the manufacture of high quality and operator friendlymicro turbines for model aircraft enthusiasts all over the world.With aero modeling experience of more than 30 years we can offerthe best performance technology can offer at prices that cannotbe beat. more The BMT KS Seriesengines are Single Fuel Autostart Micro Turbines. They employsa single stage turbine with centrifugal compressor and axial turbinestage. The combustion chambers are annular in shape and utilizesan innovative fuel vaporizer system for efficient combustion.The main shafts are supported by two CERAMIC ball races lubricatedand cooled using a part of the fuel supply as lubricant. The lubricatingcapability of the fuel is enhanced by the addition of 5% TurbineOil.

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