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Turbo Kawasaki Build budget F

into the new regulator。

and back to the tank. , to the bigger piece of 2 pipe. To adapt to the frame I just took measured the circumference of the airbox inlet and got the diameter I'd need (circumference/3.14) and used a 3 to 2 silicone adapter. Mustang and LT1 guys have done similar things as their throttle bodies have an oval inlet. With a T-bolt clamp it seems to seal pretty good and i can't see why it won't work for a low boost setup. I'll also be doing a similar setup to mount a BOV to the right side inlet. All in total I spent $65 on all the couplers and clamps。

including the stuff for the right side. Also in the pics you can see the Boost referenced fuel pressure regulator ($25) near the coolant resevoir. I haven't got around to running the lines yet but it will just come out of the OEM regulator, to another 90*, Basic charge pipe setup. There is a 2 90* coming off of the turbo to a short piece of 2 pipe (ZX6 midpipe from earlier),。

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