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Stock WRX turbo is not a 13G it is a 13T

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but we just wrote it off to poor effeciency. A few tuners got very close to 300 hp out of the stock turbo, the small IHI turbo's are basically replacement turbos not upgrade turbos. The VF23 for example is supposed to flow about 430 CFM so it is very close to the max flow of the stock turbo, mine gives a take no prisoners max flow rate up near 410 - 420 CFM. I think those are reasonable bounds to work with right now. For every 15 CFM increase in flow rate the turbo's max potential hp goes up by about 10 hp. The max flow for the 13G was 360 CFM that gave a max hp of about 240 hp. Everyone recognized this seemed low, not a meaningful upgrade as many folks thought. If I'd spent $900 for a VF23 and only got a 2%-3% increase in power potential I'd be upset! In fairness the stock turbo does not live long if pushed this hard。

but these were ragged edge tunes on high octane fuel. The current guess of 385 CFM implies a max power output potential of about 260 which is still low by my estimate. My max flow of 410 CFM implies a max power output of about 275 hp which is pretty close to the best numbers folks have achieved with the stock turbo. Of course this all depends on how lean an air fuel mixture a tuner can get away with using his tuning techniques. The most important issue to me。

so how much hp is this turbo actually capable of then. That is a tough nut to crack at the moment. After comparing notes with Jlevy over on NASIOC I've decided to down grade my "guess" about the turbo's max flow. We used different ways to estimate the turbos potential. His frankly is more practical than mine and comes out about 385 CFM, is that with the new flow data on the stock turbo, but I'm not sure the small IHI's do much better if run at 18 -20 psi everyday either. Larry ,。

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