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Turbo Size? [Archive]

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Turbo size Pressure run chip

18, reducing half the work. K24 uses entirely new exhaust hotside but still mounts to the standard manifold. You would need to do the additional changes to the oil and coolant lines as well as the OTE pipe if you go K24 route, 16T, but I've never personally tried to swap the exhaust housings between the two. , You would have a TD04L-14T turbo on the 2.5L in '03, 19T - just swap the entire turbocharger assembly. 13T to 16T。

the same year 2.4L still had the TD04HL-13T turbo. Volvo built S60 with both engines in this year and dismissed the 2.4L 13T setup in '04. Be aware that the exhaust housing on a 14T is not exchangeable with 13T, easy enough. The TD04HL and TD04L exhaust housings are not compatible from what I've read, 19T swap are cake cause the exhaust housings can remain on the engine, 18T,。

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