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RTV 1100 Turbo

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Turbo 1100

it'd be one **** of a machine. I think the gators tranny requires more maintenance than the hst, Ferris IS4500Z Cat Diesel mower Re: RTV 1100 Turbo Any more updates? Looks like a neat project. I know my 1100 could use more power. Larry Kubota M6800 w/1162 self-leveling FEL. Ferris IS4500z Zero turn mower w/CAT diesel. Kubota RTV 1100. Reply With Quote 09-05-2010,785 Location Beaver County Pa Tractor Kubota BX23 TLB, taking it from 21hp stock to an estimated 30-32 hp at 5 psi boost. It has had over 1000 hours of use since at max power with no issues. I have also turbocharged a John Deere 2025 utility tractor and a Deere Gator HPX. I personally see no reliability issues if you increase the power within reason. I attached a picture of the gator with a turbo. Attached Thumbnails Reply With Quote 12-14-2009, White 170, perfect size! Still more pics i need to take. Putting a Snorkle on that will feed both the intake and intercooler cool fresh air. Custom gauge pod with some neat gauges. Stay tuned for more updates as i get underway! Expect the unexpected Reply With Quote 05-14-2009。

Kubota Z724 Polaris Sportsman 570 Touring Re: RTV 1100 Turbo Originally Posted by joeshmoe_44883 Its been awhile since i've been on here an gave you guys an update on the project. I dont have any pics, it just robs too much power. thanks for all the replies! Expect the unexpected

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