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330 HP Turbocharger Specs

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Turbochargers Garrett Holset Boost Pressure Honeywell

gaskets, but you need to understand that when we double and triple the amount of power and turn our 100mph car into a 200mph fire spitting monster of a car you really, wastegates and all the parts that were hard to get and the knowledge and the tuning business took of. Now it still took some time before engine management systems and electric fuel injection where you could really start to extract power out of engines became common and figure out how to tune the software to make that work. To start if you found someone who could tune these you would have to fork out serious doe to get everything working. Well you still might have to do that today, and serious race teams do spend alot of money to get the electrical side working right. Today there are so many more things you can do with a powerful ECU, engine tuners got their hands on more parts, like traction control, really should spend some time and pick out some racing safety gear also. 。

oil lines etc. Even something like an external Wastegate that are availiable almost everywhere now today you could not get your hands on. And something like real drag tires where not that common either. But as time passed by, different boost pressures for low and high gears。

breaking the 1000hp barrier. The one thing that all these engines have in common to achieve such power levels are of course the turbocharger. Without the turbo it would not have been possible. Well a supercharger or N02 injection could do the job too but thats another story.

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