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Cummins Turbo Kits K18 6BT HX35 3597913

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China Cummins


Kato, Komatsu, turbine housing, and electric generating sets,thrust bearing。

Volvo, rotor shaft, Cat。

Mitsubishi, business cars, cartridge, Cummins Turbo Kits K18 6BT HX35 3597913 Place of origin:Beijing, O-ring seal, gasket, heavymachinery, Ltd is a independentprofessional turbocharger manufacturer and distributor for morethan 10 years. A good fame in turbo field is won with good qualityand competitive price. 2. Our products cover 450 turbo models and more than 1000 modelsspare parts(repair kit。

Hino, etc) 3. Our products applied to Cummins。


Audi, Isuzu, Kobelco and other series. 4. Our products are widely used for engineering machinery。

thrust collar, Deutz,Perkins, China Brand:HiLiQi Cummins series:Cummins 6BT Model:HX35 P/N:3597913 Dimension:260*230*300mm Weight:11kgs Material:K18 1. Beijing HiLiQi Turbocharger Co.。

journal bearing, compressor wheel, etc. Other cummins series you may interest: SUPPLY NO. CUMMINS SERIES TURBO MODEL PART NUMBER BT80081 Cummins 4BT TA3123 728001-5001 4982530 4988426 BT80084 Cummins 4BT 3.9 H1C 3522900 BT80084 Cummins 4BT 3.9 H1C 3802290 BT80084 Cummins 4BT 3.9 H1C 3520030 BT80085 Cummins 4BT HX30W 4050220 4050221 BT80085 Cummins 4BT HX30W A3960907 4040383 4040353 BT80085 Cummins 4BT HX30W A3592318 4040382 4045759 BT80085 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3592317 3800988 3598814 BT80086 Cummins 4BTA H1C 3802294 BT80086 Cummins 4BTA H1C 3523743 3523744 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3537034 3537035 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3592121 3592122 3592123 3592124 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3802906 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3804879 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3539704 3539705 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3592105 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3537751 3537752 3537753 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3592015 3592016 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3598543 3598547 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3800709 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3593089 3593090 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 4089320 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3599994 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 4051166 BT80088 Cummins 4BT HX30W 3590128 BT80089 Cummins 4BT HX30 3802908 BT80089 Cummins 4BT HX30 3592109 BT80089 Cummins 4BT HX30 3592110 3592111 3592112 3592113 BT80089 Cummins 4BT HX30 2837303 Your inquiry is welcomed! Product Tags: cummins aftermarket turbo cummins turbo chargers Cummins Turbo Kits K18 6BT HX35 3597913 Images 。

compressing housing,turbine wheel, Iveco,。

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