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What is the deal with all Stretch Bolts?

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Opinions are cheap but I will give my opinion as to why the tty bolts got into use. Long long ago when you put on a head gasket things tended to settle in and you needed to have your head bolts re-tightened in 50 (?) miles. The head gasket itself compressed and the bolts stretched a little more, but over the years they have found that the number of bolts you use is more stable with tty bolts. I wrote a little on tty bolts here yesterday. page=42 There is a little difference of opinion on why, but that is why we come here to discuss at times. There are some non tty bolts you can get to allow multiple removals of parts. When you get into standard stretch bolts you have to watch thread lubrication, got to love it. eddif , but it might cost the company a USD to do 3 bolts with coils, they found a way to help stop the head bolt stretch. Now you buy a car and within reason the head gasket just goes forever and ever without blowing. This all might allow the use of fewer bolts, and there is always a limit to the number of times aluminum will allow bolts to be retightened in it. You have to go back to re-tighten some areas as mentioned before. Tty bolts might be a way to keep folks from stripping out bolts threaded into aluminum. They just do not work on things at the house as much. Heli-coils will fix that, and they want to save that money. Progress, leaving the head not pulled down enough and risking a blown head gasket. The industry worked on the head gaskets, and that helped. Finally,。

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