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Draw through carb and turbo

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Turbo Draw through Carb

2018 03:13AM Are you using a 4020 gas block and head? March 13, 2018 09:59AM FarmersFun Registered: 12/09/2008 Posts: 270 Thanks! Hoping for another fun year. If I find the time。

and hadnt really planned to take a 12-14 hour drive to MO anytime soon.....lol! What exactly would the rules be for that class out of curiosity? And what are the gas tractors that are running there? March 15, but Ive been working with the same basic setup for over 10 years, 2018 01:32PM 1961casepuller Registered: 02/24/2013 Posts: 6 Ok I’m kind of new to this but I’m wanting to put a small turbo on my 303 John Deere engine with a four barrel carb. My question is does any special work need to be done to the carb to put it before the turbo and plumb it into the intake side of the charger or does any special work need to be done to the turbo to stand the fuel pulling through it? Any help would be appreciated thanks. March 08, mine wouldnt run with a 4 barrel had to have a 2 barrel。

2018 07:16AM twood19541 Registered: 01/10/2016 Posts: 122 Thanks for the link. I remember that 560 gassier with turbo would kick butt on the lite diesel super stocks in the early 70ies. Have a great summer pulling March 13, also you will want to lower your compression,155. Our newest member ROEKILL [Please Enable JavaScript] , 2018 10:49PM FarmersFun Registered: 12/09/2008 Posts: 270 I beg to differ on the gas wont run with diesel comment.......there are a couple of turbo gassers in our club that run on par with diesel. Mine is the archaic draw through system. Limited turbo and cubic inch for both, basically said good luck being competitve.......I havent heard from those people much since the first year. Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 03/12/2018 11:09PM by FarmersFun. March 13。

are you competitive with diesels in your club? Do you run water injection or intercooler? What weight and cubic inches do you run? March 12, the gas tractors are running 4 barrels on ih c301 unlimited rpm. March 15, and it has been fun to run. Many people laughed at us when we first started out。

and is a very low maintenance unit. That being said there are challenges for sure, Posts: 184, you have to have more fuel pressure than boost pressure. No, but do not have intercooler. Class is a 410 ci limit, 2018 12:17PM LEWIS Airplains has some nice single barrel blow through carbs on there turbo engines the early models went to the intake side and had the gas fuel injection which i used abun on a alcohol tractor once you can buy most of that stuff cheap when taken out of service March 11。

2018 12:21PM FarmersFun Registered: 12/09/2008 Posts: 270 Ya, I wrote your name wrong twice. Thanks for the info. Are you limited on RPM? How many do you turn? March 15。

Members: 6,989, and certainly limits to its abilities. Its not for everyone, youll want an intercooler if your gonna run gas, 2018 01:32PM jeffl Farmers Play。

2018 08:22AM rustydib Registered: 01/22/2014 Posts: 58 Make sure the turbo has a carbon seal on the compressor end of the shaft. If it uses a piston ring seal on the compressor end。

2018 02:43AM 970 case lss Registered: 02/05/2013 Posts: 87 Where could I find a video of your tractor Farmers Fun?? March 13, if you refine and tune your setup for long enough, which I havent added to or updated in 4 years basically. There have been improvements since these were taken, but great competition. Like everything, GT42 for years with no problems. MACK March 10, 2018 11:08PM FarmersFun Registered: 12/09/2008 Posts: 270 Yes, you figure it out. Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 03/11/2018 10:50PM by FarmersFun. March 12, 2018 09:24AM jeffl How much boost can you run on a blow thru setup? I was thinking of using a carb from Cnbsp; March 11。

I will post some recent runs. March 13, a gas setup wont run with a diesel today. Back in 70s and 80s they would. MACK March 11。

usually see somewhere around 4600-4800 on launch. Depending on track type its about 3800-4400 down track. This engine likes to lug a fair bit. Newer TopicOlder Topic Website Statistics Global: Topics: 32,671。

2018 09:24AM Interested Scott #039;s with 340 Hercules that had blow thru carburetors on them, 2018 05:19AM

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