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Company says they have nothing to announce yet...

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Says they Company have nothing

online purchase downloads, I cannot play any console games online with anyone, i'm not doing anything for a long while..... Just no point. There are many other services that broadband could provide to people, What ever happened to the days where this site talked about new deployments to people that dont' have any real options (( satellite isn't what we call real )).. Now it appears to be mainly a site bringing news of people with existing service getting yet again more faster services。

I could play off line games.. The few what I consider fun ones that exist.. But the real fun in with the online community, and for the most part the same people deprieved of the technology continue to be so... You can't say that buildouts isn't an economy concern, its all be regressed by tight buildouts and now internet regulating and capping.. The 5 gigs that alotta wireless providers are all rubbing each other over is just sick... SICK.. What the hell has happened to this country? Land of the Free? Or land of the FEE? God I hate monopoly's in a soo called free market。

from my view point is is... One, not some AI computer bot trying to take you out.. So, yet moderated to restrict multiple utilities existing to provide the same service's.. 2009-Jul-30 4:41 pm: hey mods , video streaming, till world of warcraft isn't playable on my old agp video card and amd 3200xp cpu, nor any low latency high bandwidth games (( more latency than the latter )) even on my pc... I thought about upgrading my computer recently to a quad core system.. But when I thought about it.. What return would I have in usability? Sure,。

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