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2012 Chevy Silverado Turbo Kits

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Turbo 2012 Silverado Kits Chevy

Performance, Get the power to tune your vehicle. The T-1000 comes preloaded with a variety of dyno-proven performance tunes - and also allows you to modify your stock factory tune to suit your needs if you prefer. And even better - you can load up to 5 custom tunes for true tuning flexibility. See the data that is going from your sensors to your PCM/ECM, Factory, Extreme, 0-60, CAI Tunes, and many more (tune selection may vary from vehicle to vehicle) - Built in Diagnostic Tool-save hundreds in dealership charges reading and clearing your own trouble codes (check engine lights) - With over 100MB of onboard memory log/record hours of data - Virtual Gauges-customize your own gauge layout - View and record dozens of gauges at once - Tune multiple supported vehicles (only 1 at a time) - Supports custom tuning-accepts up to 5 additonal custom tunes - The most adjustable parameters on the market including speed limiter, and 0-100 track times. Option to start from a reaction tree or once accelerator is engaged - Analog input/output to control external devices such as the DiabloSport Extreme PowerPuck and DiabloSport EGT Module - Set up your own gauge alarms/shift lights using the Trinity's LED lights - Control the Extreme PowerPuck's power levels using the Trinity's interface - High Resolution 320x240 Full Color Touch Screen 。

1/8 mile, tire sizes and many more! - Virtual Dragstrip-computes 1/4 mile, and record it for a data log for tuning or diagnostic use. The Trinity features over 100MB of onboard memory devoted to recording those inputs - and can display it in real time for you as virtual gauges. Trinity Features: - Comes pre-loaded with multiple tunes for your vehicle including Economy。

Pulley Tunes, Towing,。

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