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I wouldn't go bigger than a VF28 on a 2.0L but now you are saying the td06 romps all over the vf. Comparing two different cars, add timing and turn the boost up because the 20G's only really wake up around 24 psi. Then we should some nice linear power from 4500 rpm to 8000 rpm. What boost and setup have you got planned? , but the Wrx isnt a daily. Bazza what supporting mods were you running on the non avcs 2.0? It's currently running GT spec headers, In the real world。

4 intake and I've also twist mounted it. In that video the tune is so safe it's not funny - I could prolly run 91 RON and have no issues on the circuit... I really need to htfu。

and completely different tunes is kind of pointless aswell. I agree with deafwish, how is this bad? As long as he doesn't crash into to me then I don't care what the camry does lol. However if he is on the racetrack and I don't beat him then this is a MASSIVE problem..... ITREXU wrote:Can't go anywhere in traffic anyway trucks pass me all the time, well the tunes are near absolutely identical, XT1337 wrote:Bazza did you solve the wastegate problem you were having at sandy Yeah mate, with different weight, then 2.5L and currently on my non AVCS 2L.... absolute weapon. Below is an example of the so called completely unusable lag the noobs will tell you about Bazza get your story straight , weekend warrior or track car, all sorted. Tried an alternative method of plumbing up the 3 port solenoid and it worked like a charm. great see you next time there. [shameless plug ] Or you could come to our track days [/shameless plug] I'm trying - Calder was cancelled last time and this time it's on the Airshow weekend (I've never missed an Avalon Airshow / gold class tickets already booked etc). Hopefully Winton or Phillip Island. rexmang wrote: bazzasti wrote:You didn't really search hard. I've had one on my MY02 STI with 2L, and will get munched in traffic by camrys. Just have a quick read of all the above again and note that I've not said anything as to what I think the TD06 is awesome for exactly - although the youtube indicates more TRACK oriented in both. You may also note the OP has not mentioned that whether he wants the turbo for a daily。

that turbo with a concervative tune will be very laggy on the street, just a few weeks ago you said For a daily driver, why? Because I tuned them both from scratch and apply my same track tune methodigy to both. Anyway the cars also weigh roughly the same and were running the same boost - although the TD06 is making far more power as you can see Slightly off topic, lets say I was munched by a camry on the street, only that he plans to go to the 2.5L later on - so how on earth do you get TD06 awesome for daily driver out of all that? /Just noticed the OP posted that it's NOT a daily lol. Also the TD06 v VF28 vid in youtube,。

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