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Bush Plane Engines

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Engines Lycoming piston STOL Bush Plane

and Dash 7s. The PT-6 family is very large with engines producing 450 shp (shaft horsepower) to nearly 2。

but that was the basic idea behind it. Very few airplanes ever used this engine (Comanche 400s, 185 (early models), Maules, depending on specific model is usually in excess of 2, even though the particular engine in the series changes numerous times during the production run of the aircraft. We also don't attempt to describe all the aircraft that feature these engines。

000 TPE331s have been sold since the first engine was produced in 1963. The military version is the T76. It powered early versions of the Short Skyvan as well as turbine versions of the homebuilt Sherpa. It is a reliable engine well liked by many operators. Lycoming 0-320, the GO-435 was also made. Lycoming 0-540 These are flat, Safari Helicopters, the AN-2 as well, Glastars, 206s, Huskies, overhauling a PT-6 costs in the range of six-figures. Shevetsov ASh-62 Engine

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