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Tuning the Honda range

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Please share this page with your friends on: Email: Tuning the Honda rangeComplete guide to Honda tuning Get the latest trends, however even the S2000 Type R and NSX engines have potential to make more power. The Honda engines rev to high levels and the tried and tested VTEC mechanism provides a car with two distinct personalities. Our unbiased Honda tuning guide is intended to help you avoid many of the common mistakes. There are frequent discussions about adding a supercharger or turbo to Hondas VTEC engines including the lovely 1.8 and 2.0 Type R engines in our Honda forums. Please join the forum for model specific questions and answers and to meet other friendly Honda owners and see what modifications they have done. Tuning the Honda S2000 The S2000 was originally launched in April 1999. Honda engineers needed to come up with a special car to commemorate Hondas 50th anniversary. The high revving engine lends itself nicely to tuning. The two seater roadster features a powerful 2 litre engine with rear wheel drive layout hire a six speed gearbox. (Some countries had the additional choice of a 2.2 litre engine and there was also a hard top version available.) Read more.... Tuning tips for the Honda Civic. We review the best methods and performance parts for your Honda tuning project to improve handling and power gains. Avoid the common mistakes and choose the best Civic parts. The solid Honda engines are pretty reliable even when pushed hard and we have seen Turbo conversions on stock engines without issue! You just have to watch your fueling and compression ratios. Read more.... Type R Tuning Tuning the Honda Type R engines. Read More... Civic Engine Swap Guide Civic engine swap guide Read More... Jazz Fit Tuning Honda Jazz/Fit Tuning Read More... Prelude Tuning The Honda prelude tuning guide Read More... Accord Tuning Tuning the Honda accord for best performance. Read More... Concerto Tuning Tuning the Honda Concerto for more bhp power and better handling Read More... Nsx Tuning

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