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First top mount single turbo 370Z

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Turbo First single Mount 370Z

01:36 AM # 3 () toner123 Track Member Join Date: May 2010 Location: chesapeake va Age: 32 Posts: 823 Drives: TT 370z Touring/SP Rep Power: 9 Quote: Originally Posted by Kingbaby Way to be outside the box on this platform... in for win! I agree. Only thing that concerns me is the bracket for the turbo. I would have thought you would need a little more support to hold the turbo then just that. either way i have a feeling this is going to be epic and help so many because there are alot of people looking for the single turbo setup and just never pulled the trigger since STS (i want to say) was the only one making them and they were a little high in price. I am loving it though. welcome to the family and try to get your garage on the forum to answer some of the communitys questions.

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