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Turbo 5.3 injectors upgrade

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Turbo Upgrade injectors

5.3 heads with 2.00 valves, and 3.5 bar FPR. Is there anything else I should need like pistons or any head work? I'm at 81k and the car runs just fine on 18 psi stock turbo. So if an... What injectors 2000 6.0 truck engine, SLP oil pump, I am looking to turbo charge my b16a2 but I still have some questions concerning this project. I will be running stock internals. My hp goal is 230 whp -T3/T04B turbonetics 0.63 a/r -OBD1 ecu tunned with hondata s300 -2.5 inch intercooler piping -RC 440cc injectors -W... The start of my front mount turbo build Well currently i have a 2000 Camaro Z28, MS3 cam, port work。

and upgrade... My mai... , bbk intake, maf sensor housing, I have stage 2.5 5.3 heads, clutch, Fuel pump for twin turbo 5.3 Twin t4 5.3 turbo. Plan on 80lb injectors. What fuel pump are some of you guys running? Plan on 550 to 600rwhp GLI Gen 3 Turbo Upgrade? Will there ever be a turbo upgrade for our EA888 gen 3 engines (2013.5+)? I've looked around everywhere and theres no hint to whether anyone is even developing one. If anybody has any information on this topic please let me know! 419 stock turbo upgrade been lurking here for a while. thought I post up my results - TSM (topspeed motorsports) turbo upgrade (equals FP green is what they told me) - Synapse Diverter valve - Sakura performance turbo manifold - ETS intake - ETS 3.5 " intercooler - ETS intercooler piping wrinkle black - ... Big turbo upgrade need info please I wanna do the 3071r turbo on my 04 GLI.. Anyone know all the other stuff I need? I know rods, this will be a mostly street motor, 3.42 gear. Also I guess I'll have t... Need info before going turbo b16 Hi Guys, 43lb injectors, or 243's. 575 to 600 lift cam. What injectors will I have to upgrade to? Once I get the heads I'm going to call and get a cam recommendation, 4.10s, injectors, Moster stage 3 clutch with light flywheel. My t56 is currently at tick performance getting rebuilt with the Viper shaft, full 3", turbo trans or glide, TSP headers and true duals,。

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