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Bank's T04B Sidewinder Turbo [Archive]

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Turbo Bank Archive T04B Sidewinder

so that a stock 6.2L with modest exhaust flow could only get about 7-12psi with it, but it's better to keep boost below 14psi, since it's a lot more controllable if you have gearing that keeps the rpms and hence the gas output down. I've also found out from research and talking with turbo specialists that 17psi is a drop in the ocean for a high compression diesel, Originally posted by 90LX: /fontblockquotequote:/fonthr /Originally posted by britannic: Yep。

which it did really, I probably wouldn't have needed the wastegated turbo, this is the turbo that wound my 0-15psi boost gauge off the scale in my 6.2L J Chevy M1028 CUCV. Bank's over specified the T04B, just turbo lag and smoke until the turbo got going, my engine is definitely not stock any more and I was getting considerably more exhaust gas outputA few questions. How high were your EGTs with that turbo and the 4911 pump with 6.5 injectors? Could you turn down the fuel to keep the boost under control yet still have decent performance. How is your mileage with your current setup? I wish all of your old posts about your project were still available. I'm thinking of installing a 4911 pump with 6.5 injectors on my Banks setup. Any further info you can provide would be appreciated. /font[/QUOTE]I had no problems with EGTs, unless an intercooler is used to keep the air dense above that. 。

really well above 2500rpm. If I had installed the 700R4 earlier,。

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