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CEL on p2441 Please help!!

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Engine Subaru guys help CEL

but if you know anyone in your area with a tactrix cable they can delete the codes via romraider/ecu flash for free... my state (utah) doesn't require a visual inspection for emissions so I shouldn't have a problem as long as I pass the sniffer test... As long as your car is at full operating temps then there shouldn't be a problem cause it only functions from a cold start to warm up the cats... I removed the air pump, but to remove the whole system you have to take off the intake manafold and the passanger side is between the head and the turbo which is a pain in the ass to get to。

so if your friend can help you I'd suggest it... if you google search there is a write up I used on IWSTI.com, but its on an sti and they only had a valve running to the driver's side head from what I remember. Good luck man and let me know if you have any questions just pm me... , If you new to the world of engine management then yes id say delete the codes with an AP, diverter valves and put in blocking plates on the heads... there is a Y shaped hose on the driver's side of the engine bay that connects the air pump to the diverter valve (under the intercooler... I removed the section that fed into the airpump itself and put a plubbing plug and hose clamp to make sure nothing was left open... the driver's side blocking plate was easy to get to,。

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