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Turbo Upgrade [Archive]

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I myself are not that Internet friendly I'm normally to covered in various grimes to even contemplate typing。

that should keep you very busy, not one of VAG groups finest examples of engineering Thanks for the kind words, i do like vag v6 engines, many friends ! To be honest, i am very, I am a time served diesel technician and full time VW nut but I bias towards T3s so hide down that corner normally but James van has been very interesting project for us to do. We are building both a PD powered T3 at the moment and our own over bored 1.9 VE pumped TDi using again a VNT 20. Ill keep my eye on your work it looks interesting Oh and a V6 TDi expert, very torquey and de-tuned from factory so they can still sell the fancy tfsi petrol engines ! My other project/weekend car will give many, click the link ! () Old tune: () previous dyno with old Celtic tuning map and crappy Turbo Dynamics hybrid + worn engine: () , they are very, many petrol sports cars a very, Adamss your work looks top, very good run for the money ! Here's a clip i filmed a couple of months ago on my private test road ! There's a slipping clutch at the moment, very busy, just put together a new engine (BDH 180Bhp cam roller engine) for it with solid camshafts and a Sachs SRE clutch and new DMF...Should fit it in the car in a couple of weeks ! I reckon it's not too bad for a lousy diesel to do 167Mph and still return 45Mpg ! All this with the aerodynamics of a wardrobe...New turbo on it's way:gt2265 machined to fit the gt20 housing- should be with me tomorrow ! Will take more pictures of it next to a stock gt2056 when i get it back... Sorry for the thread hi-jack James ! () () () () Video, especially week-ends, i am more of an enthusiast which happens to like german made cars ! I like a challenge every once in a while and i find it very rewarding when things come together ! Yeah, when you're handy with the spanners you tend to have many,。

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