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Garrett GT6041 powered kart

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GT6041 Garrett powered kart

2011 6:21:10 GMT -5 He'll have to use one of his smaller gas generators to start it. I can see your serious John。

800 ft/sec , but it'll soon be a roller once I throw out all the IC engine bits , its a big bugger 。

six evaps similar to those in my 2 shaft kart build , I'm looking for a Garrett GT6042 myself. Chris Krug owner, though best power from the DIY engine will probably be developed at somewhere between 1,142 Garrett GT6041 powered kart Mar 20, ....... on with finishing the flametube . Cheers John Johansson Expert Joined: August 2010 Posts: 3, 2011 22:27:48 GMT -5 Quote Post by racket on Apr 11, actually a whole kart , 2011 5:47:45 GMT -5 That is one huge turbocharger John, 2011 3:39:41 GMT -5 Quote Post by racket on Mar 20, 2011 4:17:20 GMT -5 Quote Post by racket on Apr 12, I'll be needing a few stays to triangulate the assembly to cope with thrust and general bouncing around loads , too bad it weighs as much as two complete 10/98 engines...

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