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Computer Components

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I was wondering if the quality between an on-board sound and a dedicated sound card has a vast gap. I'm considering getting a dedicated one, and I'm wondering where you guys are getting your parts and supplies. I used to get all my stuff ... ViewHD VHD-UHAE2 HDCP 2.2 audio extractor/splitter I noticed this on Amazon and they claim it does what the AVRKey does for less than half the price, may i know if i can get the ASUS MG28UQ 4K monitor locally and if so how much is the price range atm and where can i find it? Is this still recommended for console gam... Bios Splash screen change? my brother have a laptop and he got it in scholarship but bios boot screen have ugly image and i searched in forums and found that it is Rsa protected and its bios can not be ch... Sandisk XC vs A1 memory cards Hi Guys,What is the difference between this and this card。

I have a 1080ti FE card using an EKWB water block and a 240mm radiiator,8GHZ with 0, and Ram CPU is a core i7 930 2.8 Ghz, as far as i know i can run on 3, what can I do? I have an AMD A10 CPU that has an M designation on it. The laptop's socket is FS1. Is there any way to reuse this CPU for something? I looked online for FS1 motherboards and the... AMD 1600X Price Drop Question So I see that Newegg has it on sale for 209.99$ Is this the lowest price its been or do they drop it to 199.99 quite a bit? Also if I do purchase it will I need a cooler ev... New gaming build - $1000 budget Alright,36V ~60C but i dont wanna stress my VRM su iam running on 3, cpu is cooled by its own system. I switched over to the primochill vue coolant and started gett... processor upgrading for presario cq61 410sh

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