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Garret gt4094 stops spinning at idle normal?

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50mm BOVFPR800 reg,it stops spinning at idle but if i turn the turbine by hand it turns freely Does it come on boost ok and is it making power? I was that curious I rang a guy who plays with turbos for a living he said- it's possible if the size of the rear housing it to big for the exhausting gas。

Wolf V500Boost Controller, but he also said it should move if you just increase the throttle a slight bit He was surprise to hear about your turbo and said he would have though it would be spinning at idle,Turbosmart 50mm Wastegate,Serge tankBosch pump,3exhaust, so this means i got ripped off by a member,CamTech CT006-845-114. , he also ask the brand name. He asked this because he has see a Chinese turbo that had a miss match hot size wheel to housing it allowed the gas to bypass the wheel but that turbo was very slow to come on to boost and didn't make power. He thought you need to go see a mechanic that works on turbos and get it looked at ASAP ( could fail and cause damage to the engine) Cheers _________________ Turned L.G.AUTOMOTIVE Townsville Garrett GT35/82R 6Boost manifold,XSpurt 1000cc,。

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