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XH XR6 engine Turbo Advice/questions

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xr6_corbin: Hi mate。

this is gunna be a daily driver so i wanna try keep it fairly tame and not an engine that's gunna ping its head off and drink 98 octane fuel..but somehow i dont think i will be able to avoid that..a pure gas setup might be in the cards at a later date , which is a water/oil cooled free floating design turbo, i didn't realize i could get away with the stock compression ratio which for my car is only 9.35:1, this is it here: (scroll down the page to see the specs) i was planning to throw in a Tial 38mm ebay wastegate and a HKS bov to suit (another ebay special) Thanks for the info on the manifolds! wish they were cheaper i will probably go with a log style for now as it will meet my power requirements easily, like the sound of your build it looks similar to mine but the turbo i am going to use isn't a real garret its a GT35 or GT3582 hybrid copy。

might consider a tuned length down the track or try my hand at making one if i get really enthusiastic. In regards to the ECU i did want to try running a piggyback setup similar to the one Chef suggests in his DIY thread with maybe 42lbs injectors and of course a bosch 023 or Walbro 255 intank fuel pump..thinking of going bosch as Ive read that some people have had issues with the walbro although the walbro pump was cheap ($95) I also want to run a front mount intercooler but am not sure of the size yet i have to work out what will fit under the front bumper and i wanna try make it as stealth as possible as i don't want anything that's gunna block out the sunlight from passing japanese tourists Also regarding the decomp plate,。

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