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Mitsubishi lancer Evolution evo ralliart

i also have COP ignition.. I am def going to do the divided housing as the transient response of TS is so much better and TS really shines on the larger turbos I would like to hear from anybody with first hand experience on the 4088r. Guys with the 4094 on VP import are running 700bhp... How far off would the 4088r be off n terms of power and would i be wasting my time with a 4088 over the bigger 4094? In terms of spool would the 4088 be that much better than the 4094? I have seen a couple of Simon's engine dyno graphs of the 4094, I have searched but haven't found and solid info. I know the 4094r will make more power and will spool a bit later, but how will a 4088r be when comparing these two turbos on similar car with the same mods. Seems like the yanks don't use the 40r to much and would rather stick with the 35r. My build will include a Buschur stage 3 2.3 stroker with his stage 3 head. Cams I am either going run the GSC S2 or the Cossi M3 Buschur Double pumper for fuel and prob 1200cc injectors and all other supporting mods, stock evo 9 put down 200hp on this dyno so looking at going bigger. I am also not looking for a car that has a graph like a heart rate monitor .. anybody care to chime in.. thanks 。

but i think the engine dyno puts a much higher load on the engine and hence the turbo looks to spool quicker. I am looking at going with the 1.06 AR housing and also the worst factor we have to deal with 5000ft above sea level altitude which will kill spool... Some one posted here that the Twin scroll 4094 spools like a 35r with a 2.3 stroker ... is this true because then the 4088 would be awesome. I am looking at getting 2 kits either the FULL RACE or Norris Designs one. the car will be used as a fast street car and track days, not looking for an all out drag car. Currently it is running an AMS 3076 kit putting down 410hp and 385 ft/lb atw @ 2 bar boost on a very very stingy dyno,。

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