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Need help selecting a turbo for my b16a

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why not just pick the next smaller GT series BB turbo....that would give you better low end pick up and not as much power...... I'd personally get better tires (slicks) and get a Hondata system or something w/ launch control to keep the spinning under wrap.... My friends i do have a pair of 225/50/15 R Hoosier Drag Radials. I think i should throuw em on now, thats why i haven't put em on yet. i am running ha sport stage 1 axles. I was looking @ a precision piece yesterday, strust bars and a full-race traction bar on my car. thanks for ur quick replies。

i wouldn't have been able to bring my car to this point where it stands today. all the credit goes to AF. marry x-mas to all of ya from me. , i have been scared of braking my axles。

should i run 17 wheels instead of 16, will that give me better traction. I do have full tien suspension, it was a t3/t4 SC-6031 i believe with .60 a/r on intake and .63 a/r on exsaust. wht do u ppl think about this one ? i think it was rated upto 580hp on the flywheel. so may be 475-500 to the wheels @ 28 pounds of boost. Also,。

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