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in the sticker that is next to the spare tire in the trunk and from the sticker in your owners manual book If it is AGR AHU or 1Z, 2006 12:32 am Joined: Tue Apr 13。

2004 6:42 am Posts: 694 Location: Finland The intake manifold and pumphead should come in next week, 6 Next Print view Previous topic | Next topic AuthorMessage crotale Post subject: Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2005 12:03 pm Posts: 163 Location: Netherlands Nice, 2006 4:06 am Joined: Tue Jun 22, 2006 1:28 pm Joined: Wed May 25。

2005 9:27 pm Posts: 20 Location: Sweden Great work there hatemi! Maybe I should take my A3 TDI to Finland for some overclocking _________________ Intel Extreme Edition 955 Presler @ 6609MHz, 2 , 2005 10:56 am Posts: 111 Location: UK Hatemi sorry man I've just spent an hour reading your work it looks great and the results are very good. I think it might need a new remap and you might get more out of that turbo and large injectors? Are you using stock ECU still? Or custom flash? I just bought a new car Two weeks ago thinking about a Bi Ko4 turbo on a Dodge Caliber that has a 2.lt golf diesel engine she only has 300 miles on it so waiting for the block to run in first! Anyways good to see some faces in here been too busy in and out of the country but back now and will post soon! _________________ Rig's Sig's Page 5 of 6 [ 76 posts ] , but 60-120 on third gear takes around 7.3 seconds. And that will get better when I get a better turbo in there. The curent one starts to realy kick in after 70Km/h in third gear :( Everything is practically homemade. The only custom made part is the Cam wich is a regrind of the original camshaft. The list of mods is something like this: Garrett GT2259V From Mercedes 280/320 CDI SDI Intake Original fuelpump with 12mm head. Ill thest full 11mm pump propably this week since the 12mm head is starting to wear out and gives hard starts when warm. Cheap chineese part... Dont trust anything other than original Bosch after this. Your actually lucky to be in Poland. You can get a custom 11mm pump from htere that should be good for more than original 10mm pump fitted with 12mm head. Bosio Race520 nozzles Custom cam with 1mm more on both cams+20 degrees on the exhaust. The program is from Polish tuner called Aligator Decent sized IC and 60mm plumbing. Might actually be better to use something like 50mm but that is what I used... Exhaust is halfmade from 3 inch stainless. Its unfinished because I ran out of bends so it ends just before the rear axle...No muffler yet so the sound is LOUD :( And ofcourse a clutch that can hold that powere Its a valeo single mass flywheel with valeo preasureplate and a sintered plate. VR6 plate and Sachs racing assembly seems to be a decent choise too. As long as you dont use the originall dual massa flywheel... Might be some other things that I forgot but those are the main changes. Clipperjay Post subject: Posted: Fri Oct 13。

new intakemanifold and lots of plumbing to make my new front mounted intercooler fit, 2006 8:27 pm Joined: Tue Jun 22, 2004 6:42 am Posts: 694 Location: Finland Litle update. I dynoed it and the numbers were pretty good. 115hp over original and about 180Nm more of torque... I'm not pleased with this turbo either so it will change when I find a good starting point for a Hybrid. piotres Post subject: Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2004 3:25 am Posts: 1947 Location: Texas

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