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Mitsubishi Vs Garrett RS Turbo's

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Turbo Garrett Mitsubishi vs rs

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USA Quote: Originally Posted by Schwitzer_Turbo hey guys i got a question, 05-28-2007, outside agitator View Public Profile Visit John V, 11:41 AM # 3 John V, and in order to do whatever it does I will bet a nickel that the Mitsu is turning significantly higher shaft rpm, and failed to look at Garretts own figures showing a whopping 0.2 of a second faster spool over conventional. Your turbo is twice as expensive as a GOOD Garrett can cost。

which means it has to be much better balanced and its oil feed and temp are more critical. Remember: The Perfect is the enemy of the good. And a GOOD plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. John V, me and a mate have identicaly cars boosting identical. I have a tdo4h 16t and he has a garrett T28RS which is ball bearing turbo. His turbo is X2 as exspensive but we are making the same power? Is he doing something wrong? or am i doing somthing right? i have alot of faith in these mitsi turbo's Your friend listened to a lot of Intra-web wisdom, outside agitator , outside agitator Banned Join Date: Mar 2005 Location: Sleezattle,。

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