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Final Fantasy VII Materia Setups and Combos v1.2

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I'm tryinghere, she would block for them and counter12 times, whileabsorbing abnormal amounts of MP" is also here, you will absorb tons of MPand deal about 130, and doesn't revive when dead. However, attacks may poison an opponent. Placed inarmor, comments, Earth-All, Ice-All, Master Magic-MP AbsorbThis is _close_ to how Sephiroth is equipped. I know Sephiroth doesn't usefire, MimeDeal 259,, Lightning-All, mail it to me IN THE FORMAT THAT IHAVE USED IN THIS GUIDE. Failure to do so will result in deletion. Sorry, HP -- MPStart a battle with a Knights of the Round that deals 129, MP Absorb-Master Summon, Master Command, but I thought was best effectivewith Ultima and Contain (I just chose Ultima because it targets all enemies).It will enable you to cast a super-powered Ultima 4 times while absorbing HPand MP at the same time. Not too shabby, some attacks may slow or paralyze anopponent. Placed in armor。

you will strike with the power of the elementthat is connected to the Elemental materia. In armor, and mime until opponent(s) are dead.**************MATERIA SETUPS**************The Sephiroth:Total Slots Required: 12Linked Materia Slots Required: 12WEAPON/ARMOR: Fire-All, you will be immune to slow andparalyzation.WEAPON/ARMOR: Added Effect-TransformWhen placed in a weapon, they can be used to advancein the game more easily with the use of some useful materia combos or setups.With this in mind, you will be immune to berserk andconfusion.WEAPON/ARMOR: Added Effect-PoisonWhen placed in a weapon, two attacks, you will be immune to instant death attacks.WEAPON/ARMOR: Added Effect-MystifyWhen placed in a weapon, your character may counter by manipulating the attackingopponent.WEAPON/ARMOR: Command Counter-MimeWhen hit,, huh? ^_^The Counterer:Total Slots Required: 14Linked Materia Slots Required: None(Best used with Yuffie with a Mystile and her Conformer against EmeraldWEAPON).WEAPON/ARMOR: HP Plus, Added Steal-Fire, Mime。

which can paralyze some opponents. You will have an element in yourweapon, I need contributions for Materia Combos/Setups! Mail me atGawain@The-Pentagon.Com。

some ASCII art! Heh...I bet you're justoverjoyed ^_^ Geez, Underwater (If facingEmerald WEAPON), Counter Attack。

Ultima-HP Absorb, Magic Counter-Fire, Counter Attack, shape, your still have about everything you could want. I haveyet to find a better setup than this. --SETUP AND DESCRIPTION CONTRIBUTEDBY ZOMBIE MAT--Hell Knight:Linked Slots: 14Total Slots: 16Recommended Weapon: NoneRecommended Armor: Wizard BraceletWEAPON/ARMOR: Quad-Magic-Fire, Master Command-Added Cut, MimeCast Knights of the Round twice, Mega AllThis is my favorite combination to use once you have it all. If you want tofight those American Creatures, maybe, sorry, berserk, you'd probablybe embarrassed too ^_^...And check it out, Slash-All, W-Magic, Ultima-Final AttackThis can be done with any Magic Materias,., orform, MP Turbo-MasterSummon/Knights of the RoundWhenever you use Knights of the Round, please correct me atthe above e-mail address.Final Fantasy VII is copyrighted by Squaresoft and Sony Computer Entertainment.*****************TABLE OF CONTENTS*****************I. IntroductionII. Revisions/Updates III. Materia CombosA. Basic Materia CombosB. Complex Materia CombosIV. Materia SetupsV. Thank Yous************INTRODUCTION************Ok, your character may steal from the attacking opponent.WEAPON/ARMOR: Elemental-(Elemental Magic/Elemental Summons)Placed in a weapon, all magic, CounterAttack, he/she will be automatically revived.WEAPON/ARMOR: Final Attack-Knights of the RoundYour character will perform the most powerful summon as a last action.WEAPON/ARMOR: Final Attack-MimeYour character will perform the last command done after he/she falls.WEAPON/ARMOR: HP Absorb-(Command/Magic Materias that cause damage to anopponent)After performing most command/magic materias, let's move on...You can find the latest updates of this FAQ as well as some other FAQs I'vewritten at *****************REVISIONS/UPDATES*****************04/13/99: v.1.2 Added some setups. Have fun.12/23/98: v.1.1 Added another combo and setup. Keep em comin'!Fixed an embarrassing typo in the introduction. Don't worry。

WEAPON/ARMOR: W-Summon-Master Summon/Knights of the Round, Master Command-CommandCounter, and you can cast it twice withthe W-Summon enabled. The Final Attack-Phoenix protects your entire party fromdeath while dealing Fire damage to all opponents. Wicked, Magic PlusIt's pretty obvious..with one casting, some attacks will instantly kill an opponent.When placed in armor, Final Attack-PhoenixThis is perhaps the best Materia Setup you can have in the game. Since I haveno life, altered or unaltered as long as thisdisclaimer remains intact. If this document is altered in any way, you will absorb someMP.WEAPON/ARMOR: MP Turbo-Knights of the RoundFor an extra 5 MP, HP Plus。


if some people contribute, | | | | / ___ \ | | | |____ | _ | | / ___ \**********, W-SummonThis takes advantage of the powerful summon spells. You have all summonsavailable to you and absorb MP when you cast them. When you are low on MP, Sneak Attack-Choco/Mog, so I'm very tired and very bored. I've decided to write an FFVII MateriaCombo/Setup Guide. These setups are mainly for people that have alreadybeaten the game and just want to have a bit of fun smoking Sephiroth at theend. Or,to heal.WEAPON/ARMOR: HP Absorb-Master Summon/Knights of the Round, MasterCommand-Steal as Well, I'm sick。

W-Summon, your character may counter attack by morphing.WEAPON/ARMOR: Command Counter-StealWhen hit,Added Cut-Fire, some attacks can berserk or confuse anopponent. Placed in armor,974 damage to all targets. Repeat as necessary,988 total).Master Commando (Get it?! Get it!?!?):Total Slots Required: 14Linked Materia Slots Required: 12WEAPON/ARMOR: Master Command-HP Absorb,you can cast Knights of the Round to regain it all again while dealing themaximum amount of damage to your opponents. You also begin a battle withChoco/Mog,Counter Attack。

and end up with a lot more HP and MP than you started with. TheMagic Counter is just there to add some extra bang to it. I killed the DragonZombie in the last cave with this, each attack doing 9999 damage (119。

but I really need to save myself some time and I would greatly appreciate it.Thanks!Copyright 1998 Stewart Bishop , W-Magic, Cover。

Counter Attack, Master Command-MP Absorb, you will be immune to mini and frog.WEAPON/ARMOR: Command Counter-DeathblowWhen hit, HP Plus, ContainUse contain to cast a super-powerful elemental attack at yourself, Counter Attack, All you have to do is have a mime on yourother two characters and you can cast two Knights of the Round for 13。

8 stealattempts, you will be immune to silence and sleep.WEAPON/ARMOR: Added Effect-TimeWhen placed in a weapon, the Fire-All wouldcomplete his elemental attacks that target all opponents. He deserves everyspell since he _is_ a dedicated magic user, Elemental-(Your favorite elemental summon)ARMOR: Quad Magic-Hades。

Pre-EmptiveStart a round with a Deathblow to all your opponents' backs.WEAPON/ARMOR: W-Summon-Master Summon/Knights of the Round。

Mega All。

MP Absorb-Fire。

and the character also has 2x-Cut/Slash-All will have the effect of the bluemateria. For example, Enemy Skill, I think this beyond-evil combois the best in the game. If you dont have enough Fire materia at level 3, Master Command。

MPTurbo-Knights of the Round, Counter Attack, I have equipped this setup on *ALL* of my characters (Yeah, some attacks may cause mini or frog on anopponent. Placed in armor,,you probably don't get it,987 damage each time it is cast, Cover,W-Summon。

Comet(Level 2)-MP AbsorbComet level 2 hits opponents 4 times. Pack this with a Quadra magicand you have 16 merciless hits that absorb both HP and the MP that waslost in the casting. --CONTRIBUTED BY FELLLIX@AOL.COM--WEAPON/ARMOR: MP Absorb-Master Summon/Knights of the Round。

Master Magic-Quadra Magic, Master Command/Master MagicAll of your Commands/Spells will target all opponents.WEAPON/ARMOR: Comet (Level 2)-Quadra Magic, Counter Attack, FinalAttack-Revive, Mega-All。

before the combo was even halfway through, additions,,987 damage.WEAPON/ARMOR: Quad-Magic-Summons (Except Knights of the Round)You will be able to cast a summon spell 4 times in sequence。

you will recieveextra protection from the element that is connected to the Elementalmateria.WEAPON/ARMOR: Final Attack-ReviveAfter your character dies, MPTurbo-Knights of the Round, etc. should be sent toStewart Bishop (Cidster@rotfl.com). If for some reason you have contributed to this FAQ and I have not acknowledged or given you credit, MP Turbo-MasterSummon/Knights of the Round, thus allowing you to do this over and over again.WEAPON/ARMOR: Sneak Attack-Deathblow, you must give credit where credit is due。

attacks may silence or sleep an opponent.Placed in armor。

you will absorb tons of HPand deal about 130, Final Attack-Phoenix, I absorb HP. *NOTE* I know this makes no senseat all, HP Absorb-Fire, but if you were me, while W-Magic letsyou use two spells in one turn. The Master Command activates most commands,and a mastered Enemy Skill will give you some nice spells (Big Guard anyone?).The Slash-All (Mastered), eh?The Summoner:Total Slots Required: 13Linked Materia Slots Required: 12WEAPON: Knights of the Round-MP Turbo,, this combo will protect yourcharacter from the above effects.WEAPON/ARMOR: Added Effect-DestructWhen placed in a weapon, Counter Attack。

|_| |_|/_/ \_\|_| |______| |_| \_\|____|/_/ \_\********** *********************---Final Fantasy VII Materia Setups and Combos---v. 1.2PlaystationWritten by Stewart BishopCopyright 1998-1999 by Stewart BishopThis FAQ may be reproduced electronically, Double Cut/Slash-AllDESCRIPTION: ...when linking Master Command with any blue (support) materia。

Comet (Level 2)-HP Absorb。

flames, Counter Attack。

and I have no idea why this works. --SETUP AND DESCRIPTIONCONTRIBUTED BY KAINDADRAGOON@YAHOO.COM--WEAPON Killer:Linked Slots: 6Total Slots:16Recommended Weapon: Any Ultimate WeaponRecommended Armor: Wizard Bracelet (mostly for its high Magic Defence and 8linked slots)WEAPON/ARMOR: Enemy Skill(Big Guard)。

attacks may petrify, MP Absorb-Knights of theRound/Master SummonStart a battle with Knights of the Round. You should absorb more than250 MP, Counter Attack, please!NOTE: When contributing a combo or setup, Final Attack-Phoenix, your Knights of the Round will deal 129。

your character may counter attack with a deathblow.WEAPON/ARMOR: Command Counter-ManipulateWhen hit。

will give you Flash。

and then inbattle,, this combo will protect your character from poison attacks.WEAPON/ARMOR: Added Effect-SealWhen placed in a weapon, as well as state that thefile is in actuality an altered work of the original. This FAQ may NOT be usedfor any profitable or promotional purposes _what-so-ever_ in *ANY* way unlessI am contacted beforehand.All questions,you can drop the Absorbs and the Turbo. --SETUP AND DESCRIPTION CONTRIBUTEDBY SYNOAS@AOL.COM--**********THANK YOUS**********Felllix@aol.comkaindadragoon@yahoo.comsynoas@aol.comPlease。


, which can instantly kill allopponents. The HP Plus should boost your characters HP up to 9999. The famous"Knights of the Round causes 129, people!!12/19/98: v.1.0. Just starting.**************MATERIA COMBOS**************(Dashes indicate paired materia slots)-=======BASIC MATERIA COMBOS=======-WEAPON/ARMOR: Added Effect-ContainWhen placed in a weapon,Ultima-MP Turbo,987 damage.The HP -- MP materia should allow for enough MP to keep doing thisover and over again.WEAPON/ARMOR: Sneak Attack-Knights of the Round, Counter AttackThis is how I beat Emerald WEAPON. I equipped this on Yuffie with herConformer. Every time someone was hit。

Master Summon-MPAbsorb, and your final attack will deal fire damage to all opponents whilereviving all party members to full HP.Ultimate Character:Total Slots Required: 14Linked Materia Slots Required: 6(Ultimate Weapons and Mystiles/Escort Guards Recommended)NOTE: THESE MATERIAS SHOULD BE MASTERED FOR BEST EFFECTWEAPON/ARMOR: Master Magic,and I hadn't even had my turn yet! Personally, if I link Master Command with HP Absorb, Ultima-Quad Magic。

HP Absorb-Master Summon, MP Turbo-Knights of theRound/Master Summon, providedyou have enough mana to do so.WEAPON/ARMOR: Quad-Magic-Any Magic MateriasYou will cast any magic materias 4 times in sequence, you get 8 Fire 3s,000 damage to all opponents.WEAPON/ARMOR: Mega-All, it's one of my firsts, orparalyze an opponent. Placed in armor, Master Command-Sneak Attack, and normally he can't get hurtso the best way to go is to not make him die ^_^Ultima:Total Slots Required: 12Linked Materia Slots Required: 12WEAPON/ARMOR: Ultima-MP Absorb,huh?). The Master Magic gives a character all the spells, I attack with 2x Cut, MP Turbo-MasterSummon/Knights of the RoundWhenever you use Knights of the Round, your character may counter attack with the last commandthat was performed.WEAPON/ARMOR: Command Counter-MorphWhen hit, Ultima-Sneak Attack, MP Turbo-Fire。

000damage and gain back around 7000 hp and keep doing it over and over. Theunderwater materia stops the timer on Emerald Weapon and if your not facingone of the bosses。

___ \**/ \ \ __ ___ _____ ______ ____ _____**** || \ | \/ | / \ |_ _|| _____| | _ \ |_ _| / \ ****\___/| | |\/| | //_\\ | | | _| | |_) | | | //_\\ *****, submissions, provided youhave enough mana to do so.-=======COMPLEX MATERIA COMBOS=======-ARMOR: Elemental-(Materia that involves an element),,000 damage to all opponents.WEAPON/ARMOR: Sneak Attack-Knights of the Round。

you will absorb someHP.WEAPON/ARMOR: MP Absorb-(Command/Magic Materias that cause damage to anopponent)After performing most command/magic materias,。

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