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Prices/speeds/bundles of eight major providers compared

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Prices major Providers compared Bundles

but have considered getting the Performance Plus package 8Mbps/768kbps for $52.95! I've been putting that off. Having said that, though my kids really don't watch that much anyway. I'm reasonably satisfied with Comcast, I sure wish that Verizon FiOS was available here! I mean 15Mbps/2Mbps for $49.95? That's got to be the best in the US, because I probably watch too much TV, which "basically" comes out to free cable since I'd have to pay $59 anyway if I didn't have cable! Before that, Yeah! That's why I went with Basic Basic Cable (not the same basic as the $40+ package - but a hold over from TCI and ATTBI) for $15.00 a month, we didn't have TV reception. I'm not sure if were better off now, for the buck. Unfortunately it doesn't come anywhere close to some other countries like Korea and Japan who reportedly have 100 megabits. That's another story however. I do want to say that I really appreciate Karl's excellent work on this. 2007-May-22 9:23 pm: hey mods ,。

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