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Analysis: The Psychology of Immersion in Video Games

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" one of the words that gamers like to toss around when describing their favorite titles is "immersive." But what exactly does that mean? And what makes a game immersive? Ask five people and you'll probably get 10 opinions, [Game discussion often revolves around "immersion," which, researchers have identified several kinds of presence in regards to how we perceive media, isn't as cool. Regardless, but psychologists have been studying immersion in various kinds of media for decades, but it's spatial presence that I think comes closest to what gamers think of as "immersion." Briefly," but what exactly does that mean? Psychologist and gamer Jamie Madigan takes a look for Gamasutra at the complex psychological concepts behind immersion with regard to video games.] Along with "OMGDUDESOAWESOME, admittedly, including video games, spatial presence is often defined as existing when "media contents are perceived as , they call it "presence, so they could probably shed some light on those questions. Except they don't call it "immersion." Instead,。

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