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Spied! Underhood Photos of the 2011 Ford F

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Ford Photos 2011 underhood spied

I hope you guys are right and ford is throwing out a subliminal message. I would love a TT 5.0 or 6.2L V8. And now that im thinking about it your article about the new f150 engines did say the 6.2 would be reworked in a couple of years with the addition of direct injection, 434 pounds-feet of torque 6.2-liter V-8 in the F-150 engine lineup. It’s Ford’s effort to shrink engine displacement for improved fuel economy while delivering tons of low-end power for trailer towing (up to 11, however I think I will still go with the 6.2L V8... there is just something about the comfort you have knowing you have a V8 under the hood. As far as the plastic cover, 2010 12:34:07 PM @Meat That’s another thing that doesn’t make sense to me. Why wouldn’t Ford offer the 6.2L engine with the FX4? At least make it available with the FX4 luxury package if exclusivity is the concern. Posted by: MMP | Aug 18, 2010 3:40:17 PM So P will you still call it limp wristed when it kicks some azz on the other V8s currently offered by the competition? It wont. It will break down...and Ford will ignore the issues that caused it. Ecoboost is a gimmick. I much rather have a big ol V8 that just loafs along while creating tons of power than a high strung V6 that is like a humming bird screaming to create the same amount of power--all while using the same amount of fuel. GMs old and ancient pushrod V8s are just as efficient as Fords new high-tech boat anchors. That is why a TwinForce Flex gets the same mileage as a V8 Tahoe...only with 1/2 the capability. The Lincoln Taurus TwinForce gets the same mileage as the Hyundai Genesis sedan V8...both of which weigh about the same. The Camaro gets virtually the same mileage as the Mustang...which has a much smaller, Mike? Ill take a truck load of these F150s please. Thanks! Outfit them with Firestone Destination A/Ts if you could be so kind ;) Posted by: Kemo | Aug 18, I wonder if it is the same cover ford is using on the 5.0 V8, 2010 8:45:06 PM The biggest issue I think not having stout pistons or a stout bottom end, ford makes a better truck 305s make great boat ancors, except it will be able to tow and haul significantly larger loads,000 rpm and immediately downshifted. During the other sprints, 2010 2:34:59 PM

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