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New Ford Transit and Transit Connect Debut

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Ford TRANSIT Debut Connect

the E series vans, and the entire Holden line up available here. Let the market and the buyers choose who and what vehicles survives not the government. I think a large number of Americans want and should be able to drive the Raptors, got a little off track there but I dont think that I am alone. The bailout has happened and Ford took money too just renamed as grants and loans. No domestic automaker has survived without a government lifeline. I cannot change that but, it was a new body style. Why not just think of the Transit as the next gen E-Series and move on? It will probably be about 20 years before we get an all new van again. Global platforms are the way of the future and I think that all vehicles are going to morph into a place that wherever you go in the world the vehicles will all be almost the same. Its the only business case that makes sense for mass production. Im not a huge fan of it but its a fact of life. Personally Id like to see a little less govt regulation and involvement (read $$) and more innovation, the mythical 1/2 ton diesel pickup, SSs and (GULP!) SUVs and that our leaders should respect that and do what they need to, Camaros, why not let the automakers build what we want? I would love to see a GM answer to the Raptor but govt will never let that happen. I am excited about the SS, to provide for that will of the people instead of trying regulate the joy of driving out of our lives. Ooops。

Mustangs, With the demise of the Panther platform, that is a car that I will consider buying but I want it with the full potential of the LS motor realized not a detuned grocery getter. Will it happen, Challengers, more diesel cars of all sizes, Chargers, I dont know. GM of late seems to hold back and always come up about two steps short of everyone else which seems to happen to everything that govt manages. The new GM trucks so far make me yawn! I hope that they pull them together before the big reveal and give me something compelling to make me replace my current truck. , it was praised, and the Ranger all I can say is the times they are changing. However would the Transit be getting all this hate if they simply called it an E-Series? The current E-Series was born in 1992 and was then considered a huge leap forward,。

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