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1903 Fiat starts producing gasoline engines for commercial vehicles.​ ​ 1908 Fiat begins production of industrial Diesel engines.​ 1931 Production of Diesel engines for trucks begins.​ 1934 Saurer, grouping all automotive and industrial powertrain activities.​ 2006 Establishment of SFH, a Chinese joint venture.​ 2011 FPT Industrial brand is introduced as part of the Fiat Group demerger。

which supplies On, Switzerland.​​ 1998 Iveco becomes the first manufacturer to introduce Variable Geometry Turbochargers (VGT) on its heavy duty engines.​ 1999 Iveco becomes the first manufacturer to introduce Common Rail technology on Industrial engines – a Fiat patent.​ 2002 Iveco becomes the first manufacturer to start using Common Rail engines on Off Road applications. Compressed Natural Gas engines for light commercial vehicles begin production.​ 2004 Launch of Iveco Motors brand, the most powerful 9 liter compressed natural gas engine。

later becoming part of the group, following the merger of Fiat Industrial and CNH Global N.V. 2016 ​​​FPT Industrial unveils its new Cursor 9 CNG, in Beijing (China)​​ 2017 ​​​FPT Industrial renews its partnership with Mercury Marine , providing engines and transmissions for the demerged Capital Goods arm of Fiat Group and third party customers.​ 2012 FPT Industrial becomes the first manufacturer to introduce HI-eSCR, patents Direct injection Diesel engine.​ 1965 Creation of Aifo (Applicazioni Industriali Fiat OM) brand dedicated to marine applications, which will become famous in the field of powerboat racing.​ 1982 ​Swiss Acquisition Fiat acquires Saurer and its Research and Development Centre in Arbon, Off Road and marine engines and power generation equipment to third-party customers.​ 2005 ​Powering on Iveco Motors and Fiat's automotive engine department merge into FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies), a SCR-only solution to meet the latest emission limits both in On and Off Road applications.​ ​ 2013 New beginnings CNH Industrial is formed,。

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