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Cheap OM617 performance

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Performance cheap OM617


Hood Stack, In June '14 issue of Off Road Mag AX15 Jeep Trans swap in progress.... , Boost 50" Rigid Radius bar on roof Aux tank for a total of 48 Gal Of Diesel! Odyssey PC-1750 Battery in trunk, No AC。

6xxlbs 。

No fan, 60 Trim Compressor wheel, 1982 300D Turbo ... 3, No rear bumper and stuffed front, Injectors by Greezer and HUGE Pre-Chambers with help from OM616 & Simpler=Better。

27"x8.5"/R14 Maxxis BigHorn Mud Terrains, A/W Intercooled, Fuel Cranked up, EGT, EMP,。

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