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Socket G1 / Socket rPGA988A

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Socket rPGA988A

different microarchitecture could be one of the reasons. Another possible reason is that Nehalem mobile processors, including the Core i7-920XM, like i7-7x0QM and i7-8x0QM, laptop has just integrated intel HD graphics. Tell me.. Response : I guess you meant "Intel Core i7-940XM"? This and other "Clarksfield" CPUs, but you won't see any video. the 640m is the highest with onboard graphics. 2018-03-19 23:24:30 Posted by: SuperNerd101 Was trying to upgrade my acer aspire 5733 and discovered it has onboard graphics. Thus the best one you can get is the 640M 520M i5 to the i7 920XM 2018-09-03 01:09:50 Posted by: Tampan Dan Pemberani I tried to upgrade the Asus K42JR Laptop from the initial processor 520M i5 to the i7 920XM. The processor failed to upgrade. Is it due to differences in architecture between the i5 520M (Arrandale) while the i7 920XM (Nehalem) is the reason for the failure of upgrading or other reasons? Response : Yes, do not have integrated GPU and will not work if a laptop does not have discrete graphics. , There are 3 comments posted Upgrade processor 2016-05-28 00:58:55 Posted by: Isalzone Can I upgrade from "intel core i3-330m" to "intel core i7-940m"..? with condition, will not work in your laptop. The CPU by itself may work,。

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