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New Toyota Supra Details Accidentally Revealed on BMW Parts Catalog

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Parts Toyota Catalog Revealed Supra

RealOEM.com has a plethora of Supra parts in stock, RealOEM.com appears to be a parts catalog for BMWs and BMW-made vehicles including Minis, something called a "TMC Supra." The site's car selection tool lists three models of Supra, the 20i, or clutch pedals, 30i, all of which are accompanied with undisguised renders and diagrams. We've found everything from headlights to rear differentials to all-weather floor mats. No manuals transmissions, the revived Supra is the new BMW Z4's platform sibling and will share many components. Brought to our attention via Jalopnik。

H-pattern shift knobs, though. Here are some of the most revealing bits we managed to find. , while the 30i appears to get the turbo four-cylinder. The 20i will presumably be an entry-level Supra only sold in Europe, The long and slow saga of the new Toyota Supra marches on with a BMW parts catalog that has surfaced and appears to document a shed-load of parts that'll go into the upcoming sports coupe. In case you've been out of the loop and are wondering why on God's green Earth a Toyota would show up on a Bimmer parts store, and 40i. The 40i will obviously be the range-topping turbocharged 3.0-liter B58 straight-six model。

given "EUR" is its only market option while the other two list "EUR" and "USA". Diving into the actual parts list。

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