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Ford restored cars South Wales Ford Capri Brooklands 280

000 miles - client waiting 4. Capri 280 less than 25000 miles client waiting Please use Contact Page for getting in touch withme. Thanks ps Finders fee of 300 for info leading to a purchase. UPDATE: I haven't stoppedacquiring Capri 280's. It's just that there are so many rotting280's and in need of full restoration that I walk away from a lot.The owners still think that asking a high price is OK because it'sa Brookie. Well clearly it's not OK. A project isa project and that rule still applies. If you havea decent。

000 miler and a sub 3000 miler. Please contact me via thiswebsite. A finders fee of 300 for the right car purchasedby me will be payable. I am happy to advertise your 280 for saleon this and several other sites. There is a commission on finalsale figure. Contact me to discuss many thanks , truthto tell I don't even bother to list them for sale any more - mylist of customers waitingis too long for the supply of decent 280's coming in. Plus there iscurrently a bug going around which hopefully will pass soon. Thebug is the crazy values that people are puttingon Capris in general and 280's in particular. People are being totallyscammed by the craze. I keep beingasked the values of a Capri 280 and I have given up relying in anymeaningful way now. I just say, do what you feel is right for you If you don't see any 280'sfor sale on this site it only because they're sold before I canadvertise them. Get in touch if you want to be on the list or if you have one tosell at sensible money. Wheelbalance problem? Car shake? Shimmy? Vibration? see Links for the best kept secret in Wales SEE Events pagefor Capri shows in 2016 particularly the 280 30th UpdatedFor Sale page SeeFor Sale Page Wanted Capri280 1. Capri 280 - unregistered- client waiting 2. Capri 280 - less than 5000 miles- client waiting 3. Capri 280 less than 10, straight,000 miles CLICKIMAGE - FOR SALE PAGE Update October 2016 Many peopleare asking where the Capri 280's are on my site. Well, Welcome to the ONLYwebsite DEDICATED TO THE CAPRI 280 Ford Capri280 - the only G reg ever! 28, clean, un molested 280 that you want to sellplease contact me. If you havean unregistered 280 also please contact me - I am discreet - evenif we don't make a deal I won't let on where your car is or who has it. CAPRI 280 FOR SALE TODAY = 1- see ForSale page CAPRI2.8 Injection FOR SALE TODAY = 0 UPDATED 25thNovember 2017 Question - what do you call a Capri 280 that is not green and doesnot have full Recaro leather? Clickhere to find out Helpneeded to find an old 'friend' - see Articlesand News (the Capri's are selling before coming to site these days see ForSale page for latest 280 to come and almost go before I could go to press) Capri 280s WANTED. Hi folks I am looking for Capri 280's with very low miles. Needa sub 9, It's yourmoney,。

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