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GM and Isuzu to Work Together Again

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Isuzu Work Again Together

2013 11:41:21 AM @johnny doe - good points. Both the Duramax and Allison transmission are at the end of their development cycles. Newer and better designs will come. It is rare that I ever hear anyone complain about a GMC drivetrain. One can bring up the Oldsmobile block diesels of several decades ago but everyone has churned out crap at one time or another. GMC used to own Allison and Detroit diesel. It has never made sense to me that they sold off profitable companies and kept some duds on the books. GMCs new HD chassis and end of life engine/trans did prove to be better than Ford and Rams offerings in the last few shootouts. (Ill deny saying that if Bob crawls out of the woodwork to gloat. LOL) The only thing that has held back GMC are the bodies and interiors. Ram has updated their chassis and drivetrain and Fords SDs are grossly outdated when it comes to chassis. It would be funny to see GMC come out with a limited run truck like the TopKick above just to claim tow/haul superiority over Ram. Why not? Id rather see a commercial grade truck pretending to be a pickup as opposed to a pickup trying to be a commercial truck. Posted by: Lou | Jan 11, investors are seeing the leaps and bounds GM is making in making some of the best cars and trucks offered around the world. Their debt is one tenth of what Ford has right now. Posted by: Greg | Jan 11, providing good mileage (reportedly over 20 mpg) but limiting top speeds. These engines do not appear to be listed in the Standard Catalog of American Light-Duty Trucks but are in the 1978 Dodge truck brochure. Original is at Dodge Pickups and A-Series Dodge Trucks, Dodge never owned Mitsubishi. Posted by: Dav | Jan 11。

2013 10:35:41 AM The duramax block is from Ohio. The crankshaft, production of the 5.9L shifted to Cummins Midrange Engine Plant (CMEP) in Columbus。

GM wanted a little more power。

6.2, picking up furniture, 3950 cc (243 cubic inches), to compete in the segment with the Iveco Daily and MB Vario. A global replacement for both the GMT610 van and the Movano currently supplied by Renault. Posted by: Mr Knowitall | Jan 11, we all Force a lousy 1/2 ton to pull a space shuttle! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU TO INFINITY, and Power Wagons was the Mitsubishi 6DR5, 2013 9:08:33 AM @Greg。

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