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Samurai Diesel: VW Turbo Diesel for Samurai

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or no. The AXIS Power kit does allow you to physically fit the TDI engine to your Suzuki. But there are some complications in the TDI swap that make it MUCH more complex than the older, 1.6TD, they cost upwards of $1200-1300 for the pump alone! So can the TDI swap be done? Yes. It is inexpensive and easy? No. , you must not only obtain the engine, or 1.9TD applications. Please specify your engine type at time of order as well as exhaust manifold description since several flanges were produced by VW. Samurai Diesel Conversion Select rate Click to cart A convenient supplier of imported VW engines including the hard-to-find 1.9TD's can be found One of the more common questions we receive is can I use a TDI engine for this swap.The answer is not a simple yes, The AXIS Power Samurai diesel conversion can be suited for use with 1.6, but you must replace the computer TDI Injection Pump with mechanical injection pump that has been modified to be able to handle the TDI engines requirements. You can find these custom built pumps through some specialty VW performance shops. But be forewarned, non-computer injected TD engines. In the older TDI engines dating 96-98, the instrument panel and the ignition switch and key all from the same vehicle since it is all serial matched. VW's security system necessitates all these components for the engine to function. Additionally, the harness and computer。

the oil filter assembly and water outlets/necks require modification to fit onto the Samurai, plus all accessories (their brackets) from the engine must be removed. The computer system and matched electronics for the injected diesel is the main trouble though. You can use a newer TDI engine and just remove all electronics and the computer injection pump, simpler, you must obtain the engine, but also the engine harness and control module. Even more serious complications come into play with the 1999 and newer TDI engines. For those,。

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