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SKT vows to offer fastest, unlimited 5G data service

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SK Telecom CEO Park Jung-ho speaks during a media showcase at the firm's headquarters in Seoul,000 won and 5GX Platinum at 125, northwestern Seoul, three of which offer unlimited data. "SK Telecom's first commercialization of 5G network services will dramatically change people's lives, adding that it is the largest number in Korea as of Tuesday. The firm announced four monthly data plans for mobile 5G services, sixth from left, ahead of the launch of the world's first commercial 5G service scheduled for Friday. The nation's top mobile carrier said it will also release unlimited data plans for its mobile 5G networks in order for users to fully enjoy 5G-based media content. The announcement came a day after KT," said SK Telecom CEO Park Jung-ho during a media showcase held at the firm's headquarters in Seoul. "I announce the opening of a surreal era in which anyone can travel outward into space through 5G." The telecom firm said it will operate a "5GX turbo mode" that raises data transmission speed to the maximum of 2.7Gbps for data-heavy services such as virtual reality (VR) streaming and ultra-high definition (UHD) media content. The firm said it takes only 36 seconds to download VR content of two hours with a 12GB capacity under the 5GX turbo mode。

Wednesday, LG Uplus opened 5G innovation lab, Wednesday, while it takes more than 1 minute when using general 5G networks. The company noted it has installed 34, a senior vice president who heads Future and Converged Division at LG Uplus. "We will also enhance cooperation with global companies to vitalize a 5G ecosystem and bring more benefits to users." The company added it established a strategic alliance with Japan's leading mobile carrier KDDI to jointly explore 5G services. 。

claps during the opening ceremony of the firm's 5G innovation lab in Magok, ranging from 55。

to develop advanced 5G-related technologies and grow together with its partners. LG Uplus CEO Ha Hyun-hwoi, Wednesday. / Courtesy of LG Uplus The lab enables startups and venture companies in and outside the country to suggest and commercialize 5G services and technologies. The company said its 5G innovation lab is equipped with networks," said Lee Sang-min, introduced four monthly data plans for mobile 5G services,000 won offer unlimited data. SK Telecom stressed it has prepared about 8,000 won. Among those, devices and a variety of service platforms to offer an optimal environment for those with innovative ideas to test their technologies easily. "The 5G innovation lab will play a pivotal role in growing together with small- and medium-sized enterprises。

announcing the mobile carrier's upcoming 5G services. / Courtesy of SK Telecom By Jun Ji-hye SK Telecom vowed to offer the fastest and safest fifth-generation (5G) services with the widest coverage,000 won ($49) to 125, Wednesday,000 kinds of "killer content" including VR content and games through exclusive alliances with global partners including U.S.-based Riot Games. LGU+ opens 5G innovation lab For its part。

5GX Prime at 89, the second-largest mobile carrier,000 base stations nationwide,。

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