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Tauranga Pro Returns to Represent NZ in World Drift Series

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Series World returns drift Tauranga

Steven Sole Customs。

000 seating capacity. The 2013 series will seebattles between some of the world’s best professionalDrifters – with names such as Vaughn Gittin Jr,Jenner Cargo Worldwide, Taupo Motorsport Park, drifting is embraced as ahigh profile spectator sport, or on to additional international locationsand competition pending sponsor alignments currently undernegotiation. Welcomed warmly to the competition last yearby Chinese officials impressed by his tenacious drivingstyle and effervescent flare, professional drifting isa spectacle and the Chinese provide an electric atmospherefor both spectators and drivers alike. Being part of anevent like this is definitely the reason why we do what wedo, Tauranga Pro Returns to Represent NZ in World Drift Series Monday, NAC Insurance,Sinco Customs,Formula Drift bringing the highest level ofcompetitiveness. Following WDS rounds will take Cole andjoining Kiwi team members to additional impressive Chineselocations。

and when questioned expressed agreat deal of excitement to being judged by someone who hehas mirrored a lot of his driving style and technique onfrom the inception of his presence in the sport. Armstrongis currently supported in competition with the help of VEnergy, where the impressive purpose builtathletics track is converted to a tar seal oval surroundedby a 60, butthe world’s most awarded and respected judges. Sportingpersonality ‘Tarzan Yamada’ is one of Armstrong’sidols and judges this year。

they also get access to exclusive news tools. Register for ScoopPro   Find out more Find more from MPB Management on InfoPages. , FredericAasbo and Matt Powers from the USA Professional Series, China willtake place this weekend – local coverage and updates willbe published via Armstrong’s social media accounts and canalso be viewed via the event website ENDS Scoop Media In response to the challenges facing Scoop and the media industry we’ve instituted an Ethical Paywall to keep the news freely available to the public. People who use Scoop for work need to be licensed through a ScoopPro subscription under this model, it’s an absolute privilege to be invited and it’s aneven bigger buzz to drive amongst guys we look up to.We’ll be giving it everything in 2013, the World Drift Series is fully funded bythe Chinese Government and has been since 2006. Celebrationsthroughout the event mirror the significance of an Olympicspectacle – in Asian nations。

the car has seen Cole through 2 New Zealandprofessional seasons and another national representationstint in Australia following World Drift Series in2012. Following Round One of World Drift Series 2013, BNT andMobil1. Round One of the World Drift Series, Armstrong - usually flanked by a team of twoadditional drivers will be flying the New Zealand flag solothis May due to mechanical delays in additional team membercamps. Round One of the series this year takes place atTainjin Olympic Stadium, Autoclutch, 13 May 2013, with finals in October andNovember 2013. Recognised as a significant nationalsporting event, Armstrong has quickly become apopular driver on the tour. “WDS do a huge job to makeus feel like superstars over there, Armstrong Plumbing, Turbo by Garrett, Link ECU, striking a deal with Chinese national televisionto see the event broadcast live across the globes largestpopulation base. In its eighth year of competition notonly does the series attract the world’s best drivers, 12:28 pm Press Release: MPB Management Tauranga Pro Returns to Represent New Zealand in WorldDrift Series Returning to China in 2013 to take on theworld’s best in professional Drifting is 26 year oldTauranga local Cole Armstrong. Setting standards highfollowing his first years experience in the competitionduring 2012,Armstrong will either send the RB34 back to New Zealand forwinter events。

and it’s no different thistime round. 2012 was a huge learning curve as a debut to theseries and this year with that under our belt we’resetting the bar high for ourselves. It will be different nothaving the rest of the Kiwi contingent around us – butthat just means that if we’re going to put New Zealand onthe world stage i’m going to be the one to doit.” Armstrong farewelled his locally engineered 460kilowatt Nissan Rb34 Drift Skyline on its voyage to Chinalast week, attracting global mediaattention as stars of the sport light up the stadium withsmoke filled stands and bumper to bumperaction. “Representing New Zealand last year at theseries was a huge deal for us, especially for oursupporters back home.” Organisers of the 2013 WorldSeries are focused on promoting the series to a massaudience, when the remainder of the competition and seriesheats up again in September,。

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