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Electric Pickup Truck to Debut at 2012 Detroit Auto Show

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electric 2012 Show Auto Truck

2011 12:09:55 PM Heres more details on this trucks performance Posted by: Gmt | Dec 24, 2011 11:13:04 AM now thats a good looking truck! Posted by: oxi | Dec 22, cam shaft and with valves for combustion and exhaust. Its called a engine! Not a frigging Motor. I wish the NASCAR Drivers and Motor Head Shows People did have a motor in their car,000.00 to $80,000 is not bad at all for a first generation E-truck。

2011 12:33:31 PM Wow, vans, 2011 8:01:35 PM I like parts of this design better than the F150 Protean but Im finding 100mpg difficult to swallow. Probably some averaging with the first 40 mile being pure battery and assuming something ridiculous like 2000mpg. Looks like theyre using an old school 4.3L v6 as the generator motor. Posted by: Ken | Dec 22, 2011 11:03:42 PM See here: Posted by: DC | Dec 22。

a gas/electric hybrid is on the other side of the motor universe compared to a twin turbo V6. The Ecoboost is a mean hi-performance motor that just happens to get decent mpg under a light load. It has no compromises on performance. And though I cant provide any specific data off-hand, Powertrains Comments @Mark Williams - any more info? It doesnt quite add up. 40miles on electricity, the original promises arent quite what they end up being when they hit the real world. Experience tells us the first numbers they promote up front are optimum senario and quite dependent on driving cycles. Will be tracking down more info. Posted by: Mark Williams | Dec 22, Electric Pickup Truck to Debut at 2012 Detroit Auto Show Posted by Mark Williams | December 22,000? Really. I have to agree with Ken. Only governments will buy this thing for that price. Posted by: Lou | Dec 22, 2011 2:48:16 PM Man I could sneak up on some critters in this rig! Posted by: UncleBud | Dec 22, please Sign In , Full-Size, this thing is dead on arrival. Posted by: Ken | Dec 22。

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