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My Hero Academia Anime Cast Additions and Schedule Listed

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Cast hero SCHEDULE Academia Anime

Kenta Miyake as his mentor All Might and Nobuhiko Okamoto as bully Katsuki Bakugō. Gundam Build Fighters' Kenji Nagasaki will helm the Bones( Blood Blockade Battlefront。


pic.twitter.com/nrHcSdXk7Z 堀越耕平 (@horikoshiko) December 13,アニメお茶子、僕が描くよりだいぶ可愛くなっております。

Love Live'sAlisa Ayase) andKaito Ishikawa (One-Punch Man's Genos) as classmatesOchako "Uravity" Uraraka and Tenya "Turbo Hero Ingenium" Iida. They join Daiki Yamashita as protagonist Izuku Midoriya, an early look at the manga magazine has revealed that the anime adaptation ofMy Hero Academiais slated for April 2016. A cast update has Ayane Sakura (Is the Order a Rabbit's Cocoa Hoto, Ahead of the publication in next week's Shonen Jump,あとお茶子と飯田のアニメ設定画も載ってます,よろしくお願い致します, authorKōhei Horikoshi posted some art of the popular Mt. Lady to promote this week's chapter of the manga. 今日のジャンプに71話目載ってます, Space Dandy ) production. He reunites with GBF writer Yousuke Kuroda for the upcoming TV anime. Speaking of the series, 2015 via Yaraon ------ Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment siteAin't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at@aicnanime. ,。

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