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This Turbo Cabriolet Is A Top Down Way To Get Down

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Turbo this Cabriolet down

and the people who usually want a cabriolet are more about comfortable cruising than maximum lateral acceleration numbers. The people who don't understand why this car exists have likely never driven a Porsche cabriolet. This Turbo Cabriolet was a lot more rigid from the factory than most might believe, but when you add in HG's engine work, this car is elevated to another level. Using a stock bottom end, This is a car that might seem incongruous at first. It's a convertible with a bunch of suspension goodies and 675 horsepower. The people who care about handling enough to put a full BBi Autosport Street Cup suspension and Carbon Revolution wheels on their car generally buy coupes, which necessitates wider front fenders with integrated flares to accommodate a wider track. At the back, just listen to that wild exhaust note, and with a bolt-in roll-bar and some additional chassis braces under the skin, it's constantly making spaceship noises, and we love it. , what little chassis rigidity was lost by cutting the top off was regained. BBi essentially gave this Turbo a full GT3 Cup suspension kit, HG can tune the 997.2's direct-injected turbocharged flat-six up to 675 horsepower. More than that, the car has a GT2 RS-style rear bumper and downforce-inducing decklid wing. Those modifications alone would have made for an intensely impressive automobile, though,。

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