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VW Beetle Turbo Engine for Sale

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Turbo Sale Engine Beetle

it is a little simpler to identify the code numbers used. This could be handy for a person who will swap out or repair a block. The classifications of codes are split between DOHC, salvage yards, AQY, BEJ, AZJ, BKF。

The new VW Beetle built from 1998 to 2011 used a turbo engine. This was beyond the standard 1.6-liter model that had been used for decades previously at Volkswagen. With several models produced in the U.S. market。



AWP, AUQ, BEV, the Turbo S was the most common. A person who understands value and appreciates commitment to quality will find shopping for a VW Beetle turbo engine for sale at this website is effortless. The new edition Beetle vehicles sold very well in North America even with more than one motor block to choose between. There were a grand total of 3 different versions of the turbo build that was installed in the VW Beetle cars for the 13-year run. These models include the 1.8L。

BDC, SOHC and turbo diesel versions. Slight changes were made between all of the manufacturing periods hence the differences in codes. The following codes are represented in the GotEngines.com inventory for sale: AGU, 1.9L TDI and 2.0L. VW Beetle Engine Codes Because there were only a few motor blocks in the new Beetle cars, ALH, APK, AWV, BKC, AQN, wrecking yards and other types of businesses. Being true to the auto parts industry and providing only OEM components is another mark of quality. The horsepower for blocks listed in stock on this page can vary between 100 and 200+. Each model was produced to provide the maximum level of performance to a car owner. The turbo and S series along with special edition versions can be purchased through the inventory here. One thing that should be pointed out in the sale price of each edition is the cost of a warranty. Got Engines continues to supply coverage for components and general wear for all blocks purchased for a two-year period. , BHP。

BGD, BJB and BSW. These versions represent the 20-valve or 8-valve combinations of the 1.8-liter through 2.0-liter builds. The process of conducting a VW Beetle engine swap will be a lot easier when the right engine number is selected. The pricing system that is accessible from this page accurately matches VIN and code numbers. VW Gasoline and Diesel Engines The inline 4-cylinder gas and inline 4-cylinder diesel VW brands that are for sale at Got Engines have been taken out of supplier inventory in the USA. The companies that provide these models are dismantlers, AXR,。

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