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All ZOLLERN catalogues and technical brochures

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enginee-ring... P. 3 FOUNDRY TECHNOLOGY2 3Casting on highest levelSince the company foundation in 1708 components of metallicmaterials are cast. Besides an iron and steel a bronze foundry waserected around 1890. Nowadays mainly sand castings of copperand copper alloys are... P. 4 COPPER-ALUMINIUM ALLOYSMaterialZollernbrandSymbolDINNo.International1standardsChemical composition(guideline values %)CuAlFeRem. 134Rem. 116Rem. 105Rem.91F: U-A 9 MRem. 10ISO: Cu Al 10 Fe 3USA: (C 95 200)GB: AB 1F: U-A 10 FeF: U-A 10 FeTZB 28TZB... P. 5 Material characteristicsPhysical properties 3Coefficientof thermalexpansionx 10-6 /KCoefficientof thermalconductivityW/cm KElectricalconductivityMS/mApplication examplesPermeabilityrAbrasion-resistant special material for tools used in the... Housing plain bearings 20Pages Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue "Housing plain bearings" P. 1 PLAIN BEARINGSTYPE ZGLEITLAGERPLAIN BEARING TECHNOLOGY P. 2

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