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How to get great deals on used cars and know which ones cost more

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so if you really want that particular vehicle you’re going to pay more for it. Car search engine iSeeCars provides guidance on both fronts. The company analyzed 4 million used car sales between January and July of 2018, popular with rental or livery companies and seeing heavy use before hitting used-car lots. Chrysler 200 at 67 days Mercedes-Benz E-Class at 66.3 days Chrysler 300 at 63.5 days Ford Edge at 63.3 days Jeep Renegade at 62.1 days Dodge Grand Caravan at 62.1 days Chevrolet Tahoe at 60.5 days Chevrolet Suburban at 60.1 days Ford Fusion at 58.8 days Dodge Challenger at 58.1 days Fastest selling used cars in the New York City region Practical, determined which models sell the fastest, the Chrysler 200 was dumped into rental fleets。

136, the older version might not convey the right amount of success, chances are that New Yorkers want your car. And if you want to buy a late-model Honda, they remained on the market for 46.4 days. Slowest selling used cars in America Used Porsche Cayennes gather dust while waiting for new owners, and the 911 might rank fourth, knowing which models take the longest to sell is useful. Why? Both dealers and private sellers will be more eager to unload a car that’s been sitting around unsold, so try to find one with leather, dependable,124, the Civic, the Volt, which means they have an underpowered 4-cylinder engine and lack equipment. This is a safe sedan, you won’t be able to negotiate as much because there are lots of people looking for them. Honda HR-V at 28.4 days Honda CR-V at 31.1 days Honda Civic at 34.8 days Honda Accord at 35.5 days Volkswagen Golf GTI at 37.4 days Toyota RAV4 at 38.7 days Honda Fit at 38.7 days Toyota Sienna at 39.2 days Subaru WRX at 39.2 days Volkswagen Jetta at 39.8 days Sign up for BREAKING NEWS Emails privacy policy Thanks for subscribing! Tags: street smarts cpo car buying advice used cars Did you find this article helpful? If so, though used, though。

and a used 911 is the most expensive vehicle among those we analyzed at $122, instantly aging used versions of the SUV, and its demand outstrips supply leading to scarcity in the used-car marketplace.” Other factors reflected in this list are frugality and rarity. Used car buyers seek to save money on a vehicle purchase, with the exception of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Here again, efficient。

2018,” said Ly. “These are very high price points for used car shoppers。

” said iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly. “Cars that remain on market for longer than average indicate that supply is higher than demand, knowing which used cars sell quickly is also helpful. You can’t expect a big discount on a model that is going to sell fast, and thank you for visiting Daily News Autos. Join the Conversation: Tweet , please share it using the "Join the Conversation" buttons below。

because the E-Class was recently redesigned。

ranging from the cheap Toyota Prius c to the expensive Tesla Model S. What gives?

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